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SPECULATION: Sherlock Series Three Finale. - CaffieneKittySpace
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SPECULATION: Sherlock Series Three Finale.
*pokes head into Internet without looking around*

Okay, due to a combination of work/RL demands being evil in January and a nasty sinus infection that's making me want to drill holes in my head or pass out in a bucket of menthol, I STILL have not yet watched Sherlock 3.02 (I have literally gotten only 9 minutes watched of it over the past week, although that seems to have somehow translated into 5000 words of live-blog/recap post O.o). However, since 3.03 is airing in the UK this weekend and I might not finish doing the 3.02 posts before it airs, I'm posting this thought I had now, (without knowing what's happened in 3.02) because it keeps distracting me.

Sherlock Series 3 Finale theory. Contains profanity.

Short. Possibly triggery. Based on ACD Canon (spoilers for ACD stories, extrapolated forward into BBC Sherlock). No Sherlock Series 3 references beyond 3.01

I think we might be getting a Three Garridebs scenario. Possibly via car bomb. Possibly combined with Mary's death, because that's a thing that happens in the books and I think Moffat and Gatiss are too much ACD purists not to go there at some point. At the same time, they do realize that this isn't the Victorian era and having Mary fade off into death in the background from some undisclosed ailment will absolutely not cut it for this iteration.

I'm not sure though. If it goes that way with Mary's death, I think it would be one hell of a pile of ow to land on people and would likely raise serious wank in some sections of fandom. Personally I hope it's not the death of Mary at the end of Series 3 because DAMMIT Mary's cool, and I like her even more than I suspected I might. I hope they can forego the ACD template for Mary, at least for a while longer. However, someone ends up in hospital somehow (that hanging intravenous bag in credits). We could end Series 3 with John or Mary at least seriously injured.

Why car-bomb: It was specifically mentioned Mary has a car in 3.01, so of course that's now "on the wall" and that's setting off my bells. The Fire-Watcher (what I'm calling the guy at end of 3.01 whose name I don't know yet (AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW IT UNTIL I SEE IT IN AN EPISODE SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T USE IT HERE), who I am assuming is also responsible for the bomb train) likes bombs, and fire, and imperiling/hurting John just to watch what Sherlock does. So, car bomb.

In the ACD story The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, the most-remembered bit is of Watson getting shot by someone they are staking out, and Holmes in essence going a little berserk on the guy, vowing that if Watson had been killed, the shooter would not have left the room alive. Something which has been picked up and reinterpreted by fandom to every degree possible in fanfic and art for every iteration of the Sherlock Holmes mythos. It's also the source of the well-known quote from Watson: "It was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask." Given how Series 3 started, it seems like that's a fitting place to patch some lingering distress and sourness that the faked-suicide and the two years missing has probably left lurking in their friendship.

Now. If I'm right about this, Sherlock is going to be a scary fucker about it, even more so than ACD!Holmes. This is still the same guy who in the very first episode, basically tortured a dying murderer to get a name. That was before he spent two years away from the tempering influence of John, out in the world alone occasionally getting tortured and hiding out and probably being forced to be a scary fucker more often than in London.

That said, his reaction may not be direct physical violence and confrontation, it may be something both more subtle and more thoroughly devastating to the Fire-Watcher. Or it could be a bloody rage-fueled pummeling. I don't know.

SO. To sum up. Faint possibility of Mary's death, but almost certainly John and/or Mary in hospital, and Sherlock going on a bit of semi-berserker cold-blooded vengeance in some way, but stopping short of killing the Fire-Watcher because John's still alive and would not think much of Sherlock committing murder. Maybe. Or a massive fake-out. Or we could get a great big ol' cliffhanger and be stuck in the middle of it all for another two years. As usual. *bites nails*

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there in a post mainly so I can have a handy thing to point and laugh at when I get to 3.03 sometime before the end of the month and am proven horribly and hilariously wrong. I might not check comments to this entry before I finish the 3.02 post (which is looking like it will run into the finale air-time and beyond, given my RL schedule and issues BLAAAAH), or if that goes too long, before I finish watching 3.03. So just in case, see you all on the other side. ;-)


*goes back to hiding from the entire internet*

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ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: January 11th, 2014 09:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
I certainly hope they don't follow canon for Mary, at least not for a while, as I adore her too. There are depths that Sherlock may go to which we may not ever...yes, well. Waiting in trepidation.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 12th, 2014 06:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm still on 3.02 (and will be for about 24 actual working-on-it hours including the coding and proofing), so considering there's only 2 hours to air-time in the UK, I'll be continuing to hide from the internet right through to when I get 3.03 watched and posted. :-/

Sherlock has some stygian depths in him, and much as I'm more than willing to go as dark as they want to with him (or with John who's got quite a well of deep dark too), I think the general viewer reaction to where he could go under those circumstances might be quite hm. Loudly disconcerted. Exploration of the deepest depths might best be left to fandom interpretation.

2 comments or Leave a comment