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2014 Fanfic Round-up - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
2014 Fanfic Round-up
It's around that time, isn't it?

The stories I've posted in 2014, listed in chronological order of posting.

Sherlock - Absence of Evidence - [PG-13] John knows Sherlock wasn't a fraud but doesn't know how to prove it. [Pre-series 3]

Cabin Pressure - MJN in your town - [PG] Dialog-only micro-ficlet for the prompt "Gerti lands in your town" with mild cheating.

Sherlock - Shipshape - [PG-13] Warning signs are only helpful if you see them.

Sherlock - The Devil's Pet Bait - [PG-13] Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for a pretty rock.

Elementary - Cold Comfort - [PG] Warmth is for everyone.

Sherlock - Becalmed - [PG-13] Sherlock's not the only one who goes a bit odd when there isn't a case.

Great Mouse Detective/Sherlock - Ratigan's Reprehensible Retribution - [PG-13] Ratigan has a plan to get his final revenge on that annoyance Basil, and nothing will stop him! Not even humans!

Sherlock - Casu Marzu - [PG-13, WARNING: Major food squick] The deadliest cheese in the world, though mostly not literally.

Sherlock - A Clear Distinction - [PG-13] This was not listed as a side effect of Sherlock's medication.

Sherlock - Voice of Command - [PG-13] Whatever gets the job done.

Sherlock/Harry Potter - The Curious Incident of the Owl in the Daytime - [PG-13] 221B has an atypical caller.

Sherlock - Upper Limit - [PG-13] There are some things up with which Greg Lestrade will not put.

Sherlock Holmes Movies (RDJ) - The Contraption - [PG13] "Be at 221B by 3 o'clock precisely tomorrow afternoon and you shall see something."

Sherlock - Ad Astra - [PG-13] It's a ceremony they can't not attend. Even though no one told them about it.

Sherlock - Unsettled Conditions - [PG] A little preparedness would go a long way.

Sherlock - The Piano Tree - [PG-13] They don't know art, but they know what they like.

Sherlock - Evacuate the Dancefloor - [PG13, Spoilers for 3.02] Sherlock Holmes, dance beast.

Sherlock - A Conspiracy of Cooks - [PG13] When John had to leave that first plate of pasta half-eaten at Angelo's he understood. Extenuating circumstances; trying to catch a killer. But it just kept happening.

Sherlock - Marking Time - [PG13, ANGST] People avoided them in the street these days. [Warning: mental health issues, oblique talk of self-harm and suicidal ideation, grief.]

Sherlock - The Mousetrap - [PG13] John drags Sherlock out to see a play, with predictable results.

Sherlock - Criminal Floriography - [PG13] Sherlock, arranging a lovely bouquet of flowers for John to give to his date? John really should have known better.

Sherlock - A Most Unfavourable Deal - The strangest things can provide motive for murder. (JWP 2014 Amnesty Prompt Grand Slam. Forced plot for the sake of a challenge. 221B)

Sherlock - Start Again - [PG13, ANGST] John had worked up to walks through the park now, and that only made him feel worse. (Pre-series. Depression, anxiety, OCD)

Supernatural - Three Autumn-themed Drabbles - Opportunity: A rare chance at childhood is not to be missed./ Stakeout: Waiting is boring./ Celebrate the Season: [Conversation-only. Marketing influenced.] It only comes but once a year.

Supernatural - First Impressions - [G] You can't tell a book by his cover.

Sherlock - Insomnolence - [T] I can't stay awake forever. I know this. (Depictions of depression, First person John POV, pre-series)

Supernatural - Capture the Flag - [PG13] Getting to the top often means you make a better target.

Supernatural - Forest Night Flight - [PG13] One day they would both look back at this and laugh. So hard.

Sherlock/Winnie the Pooh - An Unintended Walk in the Wood - [G] In which there is a lab explosion, but then things get weird.

Original/SPN/Doctor Who/Marvelverse - Winter-themed drabbles. - [PG] Mixed drabbles, varying amounts of fluff.

Cabin Pressure - Change of Command - [PG13] The smooth transfer of authority is vital in any organization.

Cabin Pressure - We're Not Using the Z Word - [PG] Scenes from an unfinished attempt at writing a finale fanfic for Cabin Pressure.

Numbers Breakdown:

32 entries under "Fanfic" tag (Including three Crossovers and two Drabble collections)

Includes the following Fandoms/'Verses:
3 Cabin Pressure
1 Doctor Who
1 Elementary
1 Great Mouse Detective
1 Harry Potter
1 Marvel Cinematic Universe
1 Original (2 drabbles)
22 Sherlock
1 Sherlock Holmes (RDJ movies)
5 Supernatural
1 Winnie-the-Pooh

Total word count in 2014: 32655.
Not as much as I've managed some years, but more than last year, thanks again to mini_wrimo, the July watsons_woes challenge and (as ever) the eternal whumpability of Dr. John Watson.

List of the top 10 most Favorited stories of the ones I have mirrored over at Fanfiction.net:

It Takes A Village
The Simple Joys of Home
Write or Die, Moriarty Mode
Where Monsters Fear to Roam
A Restless Pillow
Building Dean Van Halen
Why Sam is Taller than Dean
Newer Every Day
Rituals of the Road

Some shifting around in the bottom end, but otherwise the same ten stories as last year. It would take some kind of insane viral miracle to change much about the order and content of that list at this point.

And here's the list of the Top 5 6 most 'kudosed' stories I have on AO3:

A Conspiracy of Cooks
A Clear Distinction
(tied with)
A Little Bit of DIY
Splinter of Doubt
A Hundred Miles of Hostile Jungle
(tied with)
Building Dean Van Halen

Big changes from last year. I'm astounded that "A Conspiracy of Cooks" and "A Clear Distinction", each of which I wrote in less than 24 hours this July now are two of the stories in that Top 5 list. I'm really thrilled by "A Little Bit of DIY" jumping up so high too. It's one of the first stories I ever wrote for Sherlock and somehow got new attention from somewhere. Also, random, 4 out of 6 in that list have titles that start with "A". Hunh.

2013's stats, mostly for my own reference.

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone.

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shadowfireflame From: shadowfireflame Date: January 5th, 2015 11:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, what a list! So many fics to catch up on! Congratulations!!!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 6th, 2015 06:22 am (UTC) (Link)
I've had bigger years, word wise, but 2014 wasn't too bad.
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