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Disaster Kitchen: PB and J engineering

I've got a really annoying moving-related road trip to make today. Since I have zero cash, I have (without intending to) managed to pack myself the same bag lunch I had in grade 2 (minus the semi-frozen Super Socco drink box): Peanut butter and Jam sandwich and a banana. In the process I have rediscovered some
[technical tweaks to my peanut butter and jam sandwich construction methods.]
technical tweaks to my peanut butter and jam sandwich construction methods, made in response to sandwich construction issues as they arose.

-If you use bread so rarely that you keep the loaf in the freezer to toast a slice at a time as needed, thaw the bread first.

-No, not toast. Thaw.

-Both sides of the bread.

-Let bread cool down and hope it doesn't dry into croutons.

-Spread the sticky things on the crustier side of each slice.

-There is definitely such a thing as 'too much peanut butter'.

-Spread TO the edges of the crust, not ON the edges of the crust.

-Use a little margarine on the jam side to keep the jam from soaking the bread to mush.

-Bread should not melt the margarine at this stage.

-Get real jam next time. (Whose bright idea was it to take something the consistency of half-set Jello, put mushed fruit in it and sell it as jam? They are evil.)

-The sticky sides go together, not sticky-side to dry-side (unless making a PB and J club sandwich, which doesn't pack well and uses too much bread for me. Also the cut banana in it would go weird too fast).

-Stick it in the fridge to firm up all the half-melted stuff spread on not-quite-cool bread before trying to cut it to fit in a sandwich bag.

Anyway. I'm off to do annoying adult things with my grade 2 dinner now. Blah. I miss Super Socco.
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