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Disaster Kitchen: PB and J engineering - CaffieneKittySpace
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Disaster Kitchen: PB and J engineering
I've got a really annoying moving-related road trip to make today. Since I have zero cash, I have (without intending to) managed to pack myself the same bag lunch I had in grade 2 (minus the semi-frozen Super Socco drink box): Peanut butter and Jam sandwich and a banana. In the process I have rediscovered some
[technical tweaks to my peanut butter and jam sandwich construction methods.]
technical tweaks to my peanut butter and jam sandwich construction methods, made in response to sandwich construction issues as they arose.

-If you use bread so rarely that you keep the loaf in the freezer to toast a slice at a time as needed, thaw the bread first.

-No, not toast. Thaw.

-Both sides of the bread.

-Let bread cool down and hope it doesn't dry into croutons.

-Spread the sticky things on the crustier side of each slice.

-There is definitely such a thing as 'too much peanut butter'.

-Spread TO the edges of the crust, not ON the edges of the crust.

-Use a little margarine on the jam side to keep the jam from soaking the bread to mush.

-Bread should not melt the margarine at this stage.

-Get real jam next time. (Whose bright idea was it to take something the consistency of half-set Jello, put mushed fruit in it and sell it as jam? They are evil.)

-The sticky sides go together, not sticky-side to dry-side (unless making a PB and J club sandwich, which doesn't pack well and uses too much bread for me. Also the cut banana in it would go weird too fast).

-Stick it in the fridge to firm up all the half-melted stuff spread on not-quite-cool bread before trying to cut it to fit in a sandwich bag.

Anyway. I'm off to do annoying adult things with my grade 2 dinner now. Blah. I miss Super Socco.

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halfshellvenus From: halfshellvenus Date: June 17th, 2015 11:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've tried to persuade my kids/husband for years that a light layer of margarine is better for a PB&J you aren't going to eat for several hours. For exactly that congealing reason.

The jam you're describing sounds like virtually all strawberry jam that is sold in supermarkets these days. Too much pectin, too much sugar! It doesn't spread well, because it's exactly like trying to spread jello. :(

I would add something more to your list, except your sandwich is PB and J and not some other food: separate the banana out into its own bag. Far away from other foods. Or it will cross-contaminate flavors.

Not so bad with PB&J. But tuna sandwich? Yark.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 18th, 2015 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I've always wanted to try replacing the margarine with cream cheese, since I think it'd have a similar effect for more calcium, but I've never had all three spreads at the same time.

I do not know what's wrong with this jam, but if yours is all like this you have my sympathies.

Noting your banana strategy for when I need to get into the tuna in future.
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